A in-depth Overview of Drop Shipping in India

Drop Shipping

In this article, I am about to explain how Dropshipping work and how you can make money from it, and yes you can start from small investment as well as from zero investment but first of all you must need to know What is Drop Shipping and how it’s work. Drop shipping is a method where you don’t need any Goods in stock, you just need to contact the E-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Banggood, now you just need to create your own website and whenever any user order something from your Website then you can directly order something from Amazon and that E-Commerce site will send that product to your user.

And keep in mind when you start something new it’s not going to be easy right, so here you will gonna find all the information that you will need when you start Drop Shipping business.


Nowadays Dropshipping is very grown up and you don’t need warehouse, staff, labor, van, delivery boys to maintain your business. You can work from anywhere in the world with only phone and internet connection.

First, you have to come up with something you want to sell like hand bands, you have to add this particular product on your website. And yes like your website many other website will have the same product that you are proving in your Website but here is the thing, you need to offer something new & unique so new customer can come to your website and buy something and do that you need to set up a website like shopify.com or make it your own, don’t ever follow someone else’s footstep create your own.

Shopify.com is a huge website for drop shipping and lots of people making money from it, last few years this website is progressing well in drop shipping so I recommended this site for who want to start drop shipping. In shopify.com there are 14 days trial version you can try, so on that 14 days you can experiment something new and after 14 trial you can start your business.

In old days you have manufacture hand bands and 5000 or more hand bands take the inventory in your warehouse to sell, but now a website called Aliexpress.com manufacture number of products and you just need to contact them and they will provide to you. So now you just need to choose what kind of product you want to sell in your website and you can directly contact website like Aliexpress.com or Shopify.com and they will provide the product you are looking for.


Now if any customer order hand bands in your website on shopify.com. So you can order the same product from you Aliexpress.com and add customer shipping address on it and it will deliver to the customer, you have to tell Aliexpress not include the bill in order, so the customer does not find out you are ordering from Aliexpress.com.

First of all, if you want to earn profit from Drop shipping then you need to promote your product, so people can come to your website and purchase that particular product right. Now here you need money because you just need to invest some money on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads or you can use Google ads. And yes those advertise will cost you a lot, so make sure you have a budget for promotion as well.

Quick Tips

If you are selling something on your website then make sure that product is popular because if people know about that product then they will not think too much. For example, Xiaomi’s smartphone, as you all know when Xiaomi launches their new device then you know it will be available in flash sale that means not every customer will get the product at the same time right. So here you can sale that device on your website and you can put any price tag and people will buy it because they are not getting from flash sales.

This is a basic idea about Drop Shipping and if you want to know more about Drop Shipping then let us know we will try post another article. Now let us know your thoughts about drop shipping in the comment section below.

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