Top 5 Premium WordPress theme of 2019

Top 5 Premium WordPress theme

If your website is running on a free WordPress theme and you want to buy Premium theme for your website then you are in the right place because today I going to show you the Top 5 Premium WordPress theme of 2019. As you all know Free stuff is not always great and when it’s come to the theme you might not get proper coding as per Google search engine, so if you are serious about your website then I recommend to buy one Premium theme because it will give you better optimization, better speed, and your website will rank in search engine if your website load faster. So let’s talk about the Top 5 Premium WordPress themes that you can buy in 2019.

Genesis Framework – StudioPress

Genesis Framework

This is one of my all-time favorite themes because it has everything that Google search engine required. The theme is specially optimized for search engines but the only downside for this theme is a simple layout, it has a simple layout which means you will not get too many options to design your website but because of that simple design, your website will load fast.

If you want to buy the Genesis Framework then it will cost you around $59.95 (approx Rs 4,158) and yes you will only get Genesis Framework, and if you want a premium theme to run Framework then you need to spend $40 more to buy the parent theme.

Genesis is Framework which menas you will need to install parent theme in your website and yes you can install Free theme that it be provided by StudioPess but I will suggest you buy one of StudioPess. When you buy Genesis Framework + Theme then you can use those themes in your all the website for a lifetime and purchased themes will get lifetime updates as well.

To know more you can visit StudioPress.

Conclusion: If you want a simple design then I think Genesis Framework is the theme you are looking for but if you want to customize your website like MobileDrop (Our other website) then you may not like this theme.

One thing I need to add here, in my opinion, Genesis Framework is one of the best theme available in the market right now because of the theme optimization. Yes, your website will load faster than your current theme or any other premium theme.

Divi – Elegant Themes


One of the best customizable theme you will find on the internet. When you get too many customizations that means you need to pay more for the theme right and that why Divi theme is priced at $89 for one year, yes when you buy $89 plan then you only get one year license and after year you need to renew that license again.

There is also another plan but it’s a little bit expansive for those who are starting a new website, by the way,  it’s priced at $249. In this plan, you will get all the features that are available in staring 89 dollar plan, but $249 plan is for a lifetime which means you will get all the plugin update & themes update for a lifetime.

To know more you can visit the Elegant Themes.

Conclusion: If you want top-class customization and if you can invest money on your website then I think this is the theme for your website. So yes, you can buy this theme for your website, and it has all the thing that you will need in your website. As I said earlier, if you can invest mone on your website then you will not find a better theme then this.

Now if you don’t have that kind of money then let’s talk about Newspaper theme.

Newspaper – ThemeForest

If you have a website then I think you heard about this theme because most of the people used Newspaper theme in the past and now with 9.7 version it gets better then ever. So yes if you are not willing to invest too much money on your website but still you want better customization then Newspaper theme is built for you.

It has everything that you will need to build a new website but keep in mind you will not get customization like DIVI theme. But overall for a beginner or expert, it’s good enough. The only downside for this theme is, you can’t use Newspaper theme on multiple websites, you can only use this theme in a single website.

Recently I contact the ThemeForest to know about ” in How many websites I can use NewsPaper theme”, this is what they replied.

Newspaper theme

By the way, the Newspaper theme is priced at $59 in regular days if you can wait for ThemeForest then you may get for only $49. The license is for a lifetime and you will get lifetime update for theme and given free plugins.

Conclusion: As I said if you can’t invest more money on your website then Newspaper is the theme you are looking for. Now I a not going to say too much, you can visit the ThemeForest website for more information.

Avada – ThemeForest

Avada theme

Now if you don’t like the Newspaper theme design then you can take a look at Avada, the price for both themes is the same. As I said earlier if you buy anything from ThemeForest then you can only use a theme in a single website.

Avada also has a pre-built website template which menas you no need to design temple, you can choose best for your website. If you are building a website for your business and you are not going to write too much stuff then this may be a theme you are looking for because of it has a simple and clean look with tons of customization.

The Avada theme is priced at $60 and as I said if you can wait for ThemeForest then you may get for only $49.

Conclusion: I not going to say too much because it depends on your business or what kind of stuff you will put on your website, so please visit the ThemeForest website to know more.

BeTheme – ThemeForest


It’s the same as Avada theme but more on you get some additional features that you may not find in Avada theme, so if you don’t like Avada theme then you can take a look at BeTheme.

It has 450+ pre-built website templates which means you can choose any of those templates as per your website requirement. The BeTheme also comes with pre-built builder like Divi themes which menas you can build your website page as per you want, you just need to drag and drop.

The theme is priced at 60 dollar and as I said if you can wait for ThemeForest then you may get for only $49.

Conclusion: As I said earlier please visit ThemeForest website to know more. But in short when you pay for something then you will get better performance than free stuff, you just need to pick the right design & layout for your website.

Now I hope you get the clear idea which theme is built for your website but still if you have questions then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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