How to Run Facebook ads: Step by step guide to get more traffic

How to runs Facebook ads

Hey my name Rahul Makwana and as you know I love advertisement because this is how we earn money from this website but the thing is if you want to earn money from advertisement then you first need to learn how to advertisement content and I think in 2019 Facebook is the best way you can market your content. I know you can also try Google as well but that will cost you a lot and that’s why today I am going to show you some best ways to advertise your content on Facebook & How to Run Facebook ads, we also gonna talk about Google as well but in next article.

Before we jump into this, I’m not going to show you how to set up your Facebook ads because it’s kind of basic stuff and if you visit Facebook ad manager then you can follow the steps and you will able to create Campaign. But still, let me know if I can do anything to help you…

Types Of Facebook Ads

How to runs Facebook ads

Facebook offers an Advertisement for your specific business, so you just need to choose what you want to promote. First, let me show you types of Facebook Advertisement and then we gonna move further

  • Get Traffic on Your Website
  • App Installation
  • Video views
  • Sale Products
  • Facebook Page Likes
  • Reach
  • Brand Promotions
  • Build an Audience

Now you just need to choose one category for your business, whether you want traffic on your Website or want to sell more product through Facebook ads.

To do that you need to open Facebook Ad Manager and there you will see all kind of category. Before you select any category, keep in mind Facebook ads are not that easy to use. So let’s talk about how to run Facebook ads properly

How to Run Facebook Ads

How to runs Facebook ads

Before you run any campaign for your business, just open Facebook profile and find some of the Ads and see why they are targeting you. For example,

As you can on the above images, recently I changed Hosting provider for website I am runing butbefore that I searched a lot on Google & everywhare. And as you all know to give better user experiace facebook follows you everywhere and because that I was seeing ” Hosting Provider” ads on my Facebook accunt, instagram, Twitter in short on my every socifla media account.

So my point is, if you are running a website, facebook page or anything else then just open analytics page and see on which video or blog post you are getting more traffic and especially from which country your social media account is getting trafic.

Those data will help you to create relevant facebook campaign for your business. Suppose if you getting most of your traffic from Mumbai, India then you can target most of your ads for Mumbai audience. By doing that your ads will only shown to those people who interested in your business or your website.

Advise: If you haven’t run any Facebook campaign in the past then don’t invest too much money in a single ad, just create small ads and see how it turns out for your business.

How Much Money you need to Spend

As I said if you are starting out new then don’t invest too much money and if you are reading this article which means you are not expert to run Facebook ads. So just start with ₹100 or ₹500 and see how much it affecting your website.

When you run a campaign for 1 day then check out from where you are getting traffic or how much people actually click on your link and stay for a while. This will help you in the next campaign, so don’t forget to check your analytics.

Ads Layout

One of the most important parts of your campaign is a layout for ads. Whether you want to add images o put a video, make sure you take time to create those stuff because when user show your ads they will first see the image or video you have provided.

About myself, I prefer video ads because in a single video you can explant what you are providing to them but make sure you create a proper video, like use some cinematic shots, your voice must be clear and yes it must look professional.

Most of the people want to see what they haven’t seen before, so never copy someone else images or videos for your campaign because if people know you are using someone else’s content to promote your business then no one will click on your ads.

Advise: First see how other people are creating ads and learn from it and try it out.

Target people you Know

As I said Earlier see your analytics every day whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or any other social media accounts. This will help you to create ads and of course, you will know which kind of content your audience is liking it.

Make sure to check analytics before you create an AD CAMPAIGN.

Your Call

Know I think I have shared all the details that you need to know before starting your first Facebook AD CAMPAIGN.

One advise, don’t invest too money for the first time. See how advertising your content is working for your business and if it’s working out well then continue or you can change a liitle bit on your current campaign or maybe try some other advertize platform.

Try Google ads if you have a big budget because Google ads cost way too much then facebook ads.

First, learn How Facebook ads run and to learn you need to invest little bit money in Facebook ads.

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