How to earn money From MyPoints Survey: step by step guide


What’s up, guys. Karan Parmar here what’s going on. All right. So in this article, I’m going to show you how you can make money just by watching videos on your phone or on your computer. You can do this from anywhere. And so I’m going to give you all the details right on this video if you want to make twenty-five dollars or more then stay tuned. I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

Before we jump into it, Mypoints service is not available in India which if you are from India then you can use Mypoints Website.

All right. So now before that remember to subscribe to our website right now because I come out with article every single week and you guys don’t want to miss anything about making money online working from home how to optimize your YouTube channel and how to become an entrepreneur. It’s all right here Subscribe now and we’ll keep you guys updated. OK. And if you would like to learn how to make a full-time passive income right online if you would like to learn how to do that.

If you want to make money while you sleep and while you’re out on vacation. OK. This is what I’m doing. Check out the link below in the description of this article right now and I will share with you exactly how you guys can do that. All right. So let’s go ahead and jump into that article. The Web site we’re going to check out here is my points OK. This is my point scum.

Now I’ve tried a lot of different Web sites for making money watching videos. A lot of them guys just did not work. OK, I wanted to make sure this was going to work before I write an article. So I actually went through the process. I watched the videos and I earned points in the game and then I’m going to show you how you can cash all those points for dollars or gift cards or do whatever you want to do.

Steps: MyPoints Survey

All right. So I’m over on the MyPoint Website. Just go with it right now my points dot com and I’m right over here so it’s really straightforward really easy to make an account. I have my little name over here I got my account settings and then here are the points that I’ve earned just a little while ago I tried this out and I got points OK and so the way I did that was watching videos.

So there are several different videos you guys can watch. OK. They have explored content and crave. They have featured content news content. They have entertainment and stuff like that. So you guys get to pick out whatever type of category of video that you want to watch. OK, I found that where it says the Explore content right here where it says in crave it there’s a lot of commercials and different things like that. I found a lot of them were pretty funny to watch.

So that seems pretty entertaining for me if this is something that I want to do. But that’s exactly what I did. So I think for this video let’s go ahead and pick one out here. I need to pick one. So here’s one that’s going to earn me nine points. So let’s just say that you want to do this. You guys you know you want to mess around with one or two points or whatever you want to get to the higher point amounts. So you guys can earn more money well that’s what I would do. So I probably just click over here on this one.

Tricks for you:

Here are the trick guys this is what I want to show you. If you guys want to get paid to do this what’s going to happen is if you’re going to have this little pop-up window right here usually it takes up the whole screen. It’s like an enormous size pop up window. And then what you’re going to have here is this little timer. It’s going to tell you that you are on step 1 or whatever. So for me the first time I did this. It said you are an onsite museum in here.

It’s going to tell you right here you are. You are on step one of whatever number that is the first time I did it. I was on one of step one of ten. Or step one to 15. So what this means is that you’re going to have to watch 17 videos and you’re going to have to look at 17 pop-ups. And basically, that’s 17 minutes to earn those nine points. OK. You see how that works. There’s another one just came up on the screen right now.

So this works automatically and you can see once it gets down to it you know it counts down to a minute. It’s going to automatically refresh this window here with a new video and new advertising and stuff like that see because recently I was looking at cameras. So now it’s showing me camera advertisements. But here’s the video right here that you guys are going to want to watch. OK. This can be anything. You can choose your category could be food. It could be you know Hunton. It could be news it could be entertainment music videos.

I don’t know whatever you guys want to watch that selection and that option is totally up to you. So here we go. I’m already at step two of 17 when this is completed. You guys are all done with this. What’s gonna happen is let me just jump over here. So what’s going to happen when you get all complete. Everything you watched all the videos you’re going to get this little notification. My gosh, there’s another one.OK. But what does it say now? Okay so now I’m on step three of 17. OK see. It just goes automatically. I could literally do nothing. I could just pick up my phone talk to my mom do whatever I want to do. And this thing will just run by itself OK.

I mean a matter of fact I didn’t have the volume turned up and it still works. You guys can score points but you can do whatever you want. You can play games you can go you know to play your Nintendo What did I just say Nintendo.

I’m really showing my age on this channel I swear. OK. So step three of 17 has been completed. But here’s what’s going to happen after you complete all the steps you’re going to get this little notification here and see if I could zoom into that.

This little notification or this little page here is going to come up on the screen it’s going to say thank you for discovering content with whatever video provider it is. And then it’s going to say you have earned your points and then you can continue. Now if you click on continue it’s going to take you over and there’s another one you’re going to start to watch even more videos and more videos.

Image: The Savvy Couple

This works automatically. That’s what I love about it. It’s just I have to do not to touch anything. I was just looking at my phone and the thing was running by itself.

We’ve got the Grinch Stole Christmas here. I’m so lots of different types of videos that you guys can do. All right. So that’s really cool. Now after this. OK. Here’s what you guys are into. Just come over here. Let me go out and just close this out.

Because we’re not watching videos anymore song ongoing in close out that pop up window. And then at this point, you’re going to refresh your screen refresh your browser inside of my points dashboard. And when you do that then it’s going to show you how many points you have earned up here on the top right.

Right here on the screen. OK. Now. Now you guys are probably wondering well how much can I earn doing this.

I’m going to explain it to you right now so I can click on here which says six points. It’s going to go in.

OK. Just wanted to wants you to confirm your password again before you view your points. So it seems it says I have read six points that are redeemable right now and for earning those points it says I have watched in crave which is the video platform.

So I’ve watched some videos to earn those points and it’s going to tell me how many points I have earned over here on the right.

  It’s gonna give me you know the date and everything which I did that which was today and then so over here if I want to redeem if I’m ready to cash out here’s what I want to do. Come over here to redeem points.

If you are using Amazon, Walmart or any other E-commerce store to buy stuff then you must need to use MyPoints Website because it will give you discounts, rewards, money and more…

And then so there are a lot of different ways you guys can cash out okay. You can do like gift cards. You can do like amazon best buy you can do Pay Pal if you’re in a country or whatever you don’t you have best buys or whatever. You can just use PayPal OK to cash out but in order to get that cash out to let me just go ahead and go over that with you guys. Let’s just scroll down here so let’s type in PayPal.

OK so here’s the Pay Pal card. So in order to get a twenty-five dollar payout with Pay Pal or a gift card, you’re going to need three thousand nine hundred and seventy points. OK. But don’t freak out. I’m going to explain all this to you now. Realistically, guys, you’re not going to get rich doing this. OK. You’re just not going to get rich. Twenty-five bucks to earn that. I would say it could take you like three weeks, OK just to give you an idea. Now let me just do the math here OK. So for what I did in 10 minutes, I earn like six points. So just by doing the math. So that’s about you know I don’t know. Six times six is thirty-six. Points. So let’s say if I. Watch videos for 40 hours.

In a whole week that’s gonna give me about fourteen hundred over fourteen hundred points and I just by doing the math here guys like let’s say three three hundred and thirty-nine hundred and seventy points. And if I divide that by sixty. You know it’s gonna be like sixty-six hours sixty-six divided by three.

Daily Scoop:

So if you watched like twenty-two hours of video for three weeks then you guys would earn twenty-five bucks. OK, but when you’re watching stuff you know it’s just in a nice way to earn some extra cash while you’re watching your TV if it’s something that you already do. Well, why not do it and get paid for doing it. OK. So that’s how that all works guys. That’s pretty much it. Now if you guys there’s also an app that you can download now it’s called.

It’s called the daily scoop. Now I’ll be honest with you guys I tried the app on my phone and I think I still have it installed here. Yeah, I have it right here. So I’ve tried the app and I’m telling it you know I just couldn’t get it to work. I’ve tried watching the videos and everything in my points were not added to my account I don’t know what was going on there. But you guys can go and check it out because they actually have good reviews. If you go over to the App Store it’s four point two stars out of five.

Application For Android & Apple:

Now to find a money app that pays out and it’s on the App Store the Apple App Store and that has over a four-star rating that’s pretty high.

OK so just keep that in mind. Try it out. I don’t know it didn’t work for me. You guys can try it out but over here on a daily scoop or Google Play. Sorry. This is another.

This is the app for Android devices. And so for stars out of five pretty good feedback very very decent surprising feedback, a lot of these apps do not have the best feedback. OK. But I was really surprised. This guy right here says he loves getting free gift cards. Go over there. Check it out, guys. I will leave links below for both of these apps for the iPhone and also the Android devices as well as my points website. If you guys want to go there which is pretty easy to get to just go to my points dot com. You guys got some value on this video here. Give me up thumbs up.

However, does one thing I want to show you guys if you want to do a little bit more you know if you really want to make better use of your time and earn more money OK. If you want a little bit more coming in maybe 100 or 200 dollars a day OK of passive income if you want to learn how to create a full-time passive income.

This is what I’m doing. OK. If you want to make money while you sleep and why you’re out on vacation and traveling. All right maybe you don’t want to always be on the computer all the time. Well here’s what I want you to do right now. Check out the link below in the description of this video it’s the top link right there click on that and I’m going to show you step by step how you can create a full-time passive income. Right online I’m going to give you all the details guys.

OK, so that’s my article for today if you guys want more article about making money online working from home and becoming an entrepreneur. Well Subscribe now and I will send you guys an update whenever I come out with a new article. You make it an awesome day. And that will see you on the next one. Piece at.

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