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What we’re talking about today what we’re going to get into is something called my real estate business plan. It’s a one-page business plan. Gonna sketch one out for you particularly this is good for those you like. Just getting started or wanting to kick it up into the next gear. I know in my business and when I talk to agents in person in classes or whatever we’re doing online via email or people that I coach individually in our secret coaching program the thing that they’re always struggling with is like how to get to that next level.

And it’s kind of difficult because we think about it like that your understanding of everything in real estate of everything you’re doing in the marketing right now of everything that you can do is probably producing somewhere like right here. You think you’re producing at this level. And sometimes these steps do you know do go up at a slight angle but most of the time what happens is when you’re growing in real estate your it happens in spurts right. You read a book write this you read a book and then all of a sudden you’re making to two-dollar bill signs instead of one dollar bill sign down there and then you know next thing happens you go and you read a blog where you listen to a podcast and now you’re making you know three dollar signs and there’s this one slightly escalates you know a little bit maybe it grows at 5 percent a year and then you hit the next one then.

But what happens is you have to do something in order to dramatically increase your revenue the deals the unions you’re doing. And in my business, I have to keep learning in order to that’s why I have these are all books that write in the last two or three months older books are over there bigger bookshelf right. Are you have to keep reading you have to keep understanding new things in order to challenge yourself and grow to the next level. And so what we’re going to talk about today is the thing I like to call the 1-page business plan.

One page plan:

Let’s go through that quickly. Okay. So the one-page business plan why does this matter. Is this really matters because you can understand your entire business? It’s really complicated thing that you’re trying to use. This is what I do only a lot of people understand. They get into real estate and they were told maybe that it’s easy money you can do this on the side you know there are tons of people it’s the soccer mound down the street is selling as 30 helps is a year in your spare time.

And so they look at it and they’re like I can do that. But what you don’t with a lot of people don’t understand is say let’s say you’re doing like 30 houses right now you’re right. How many houses in your MLS are in your area outside those 30 were sold successfully without another eight without you. Right.All right. Every single one every house that was sold that you didn’t sell was sold with a different image.

Right, so you have to do something. You have to do a tremendous thing in order to convince those other people that they should join your 30 and centering someone joining someone else’s you know list of house rates you have to it is like that law by like by Newton right. You have to push it or do something to get it in motion in order for things to come back and help you out. Right. So. So here this is just a one-page plan that can really help you push things in motion to go from 30 to 45.

To go from 30 to 100 transactions per year whatever you’re trying to do right. Or if you’re starting from zero to go from zero to 30. Right. That’s the hardest part is going from zero to 30 going to 30 to 100 that’s easy. So you’re one goal. This is this is the one thing you’re going to focus on an easily number based rate needs to be something that you actually can track.

Web site traffic:

it’s the one thing that you’re going to look at. Right. So easier Jim Crow during 2015 our one goal was to get to 100000 real estate agents visiting our block. We didn’t care about YouTube Facebook anything right. All we cared about did we get one. We got one hundred twenty thousand people visiting our blog per month in a year because that’s what we focused on. If you don’t focus on it if you don’t track it you’re going to lose because someone else will care more than you.

So this is your one goal so it can be something like Web site traffic web traffic. It can be something like you know it could be the number of transactions. Right. A number of houses whatever you want that that that goes up here. Right. What your goal is and how safe is its Web site traffic. Is it an e-mail. Is it people in your CRM. Is it can be really pretty much anything but you have to track it and it has to be something that you want in here in your stomach right.

Something that you’re willing to get up in the morning. Look at the dashboard see you failed yesterday and still have the passion to push on forward. So the next thing is you need to figure out three things that can help you get to that goal right.

So let’s say our goal is to get Web site traffic right want a real estate site that’s getting all let’s say 30000 visitors a month by the end of six months. Right. So what are three logical things? Three things we can look at to achieve that goal.

Well, you can do Google FCO. You can do social or will make it even easier to do Facebook and we’ll do ads.

So those three things those three simple things are things that I can focus on. I can take action daily to supplement my goal of 30000 people visiting my site. And I know that if I achieve that goal I’m going to be profitable. Right. You don’t like Web site traffic as a goal don’t track it go track horses and what can make you some more horses.

Well then maybe Web site traffic maybe doing more open houses and maybe making more phone calls or doing their Facebook 10 by 10 challenge where you message 10 people on Facebook a day and then use the Facebook app to add 10 people to your Facebook network whatever it is just do it right. Put them in here.

So then what you have is you have one goal three things that are going to help you achieve that goal. Right. And now what we have to do is list five action items five actual things that we’re going to actually take into our daily life and do in order to get more traffic. Right. So let’s start over here with ads. One two three four five. OK. One what’s one thing What’s one thing I can do with ads. Well, I can set up radio ads. You can set up ads on Facebook for retargeting.

You can set up ads on Facebook and you can actually upload your CRM to Facebook and send ads to those people to get them back to your site. Is that going to increase website traffic? Yes. Yes, it is. But you have to do it.

And so often people ignore this. They ignore this and they read and blog on easier and probably read a blog somewhere and they’re like oh I’m going to do that. And then they do this and then they forget about it and it never helps them once. Right.

customer relationship management:

Customer Relationship management:(

You have to have the structure you have to have this on your wall so that this feeds into this which feeds into your overarching goal which then is tied to your money or successor or the fame or helping your community or whatever it is because then it feeds the whole system right then this is like oh if I do more of this I’m going to be more successful. Right. And that’s really what you need to be. You need to feed the circle right. So it’s not starting with I’m going to upload my CRM to Facebook which you don’t know how to do. Just go Google it and you can figure it out in two seconds or go read a blog on these or pro that shows you how to do that.

It’s taking this one thing that can feed my ads to get me more traffic or sell more houses. That gives me money that then feeds this right. So if you’re going to do Google let’s say you let’s say you’re the lead site right. You’re going to do one instant farm per day. Right.

That will help your Google rankings. You’re going to use Google Plus. Right. Because people use Google Plus and senators share their stuff there get in that’s faster. You’re going to set up Google webmasters right. That’s something that that you can do to get to take action and get results. What else can you do? You can make YouTube videos and put them on all of your Instagram palm pages right. Or all of your neighborhood pages. What’s another thing you could do you could go and take pictures and create by subpages for every mean subdivision on your site.

Right. So let’s say you have an area called say there’s a new condo that just went up down the street. They’re selling units. You want to sell some of the units because it’s a luxury place that can be your one main page make five pages underneath that. And what you can do is you can get that first page on the first page of Google and everyone looking to buy those luxury condos typing in Tyler’s new luxury condo which is the theme of the condo right. They’re going to find your page your article, not the actual condo builder because kind of builders don’t know anything about SEO and you’re going to get the commission on that.

Right. That’s a quick easy way to get to three more sales every single month. Right. So you got it. You got to take action and try. And then what’s this going to do you’re going to get one sale from Google which is going to feed. Oh man, when I do that Google stuff it really works and then not really you know gets me tracker gives me houses whatever you’re tracking and then that feeds this cycle. Right. So this system right here isn’t just set up to have one goal three things five things under it it’s set up to feed the cycle which didn’t build your business and makes you more successful in the future.

So this is the easy pro-business plan. You can it. It’s a derivative of other business plans you can get out there. You’ll notice it’s not complicated at all. So many business plans out there are like so complicated. This just helps you take action and see success today.

So I’m Karan Parmar with you found it useful at all there’ll be a button here probably below  We’re going to really double down on YouTube in the next coming months to a year and see if we can’t provide more value through video demos like this if you’d like it just like in the comments section say something like like or don’t do any more like this I don’t like watching Tyler whatever I just do what you want to do there and we’ll see you next video and have a good day.

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